Welcome! Are you ready to take the next step in your journey?

The Foundations Intensive is an 8 week program designed to help equip you with the tools to take your healing deeper. The focus is on teaching the content with exercises you can use for life.

I want you to learn is to learn the healing, experience the healing, and have a guide to help interpret & hone your experience.

In the program you will get:

- Tuesdays: LIVE 45 minutes - Teaching with Q&A

- Thursdays: LIVE 45 minutes - Experiential Exercises

- Membership Site with handouts & replays

- Slack Community for questions / feedback

At the end of these 8 weeks you will:

- have a solid foundation of the IFS model and parts

- be confident with a methodology to break through plateaus you encounter

- create a fresh "map" of your story / heart that you can approach with compassion

- be able to take a daily experience and identify your parts that are involved

- understand the "how" to dialogue with and heal your inner system

- have clarity on joining a Level 2 Deep Healing Group for or continue on your own

This signup is for the 1.0 Foundations that runs with the following schedule:

Week 1: June 27th & June 29th

Week 2: July 4th & July 6th

Week 3: July 11th & July 13th

Week 4: July 18th & July 20th

Week 5: July 25th & July 27th

Week 6: August 1st & August 3rd

OFF WEEK: August 8th & August 10th

Week 7: August 15th & August 17th

Week 8: August 22nd & August 24th

Live Zoom are Tuesdays / Thursdays: 11am Mountain Time

I can't wait to get after it with you! - Grant

With this work, we are able to experience, practice and upgrade our ability to be present and grounded in our bodies. This allows us to have an ever deepening ability to balance our nervous system and have increased capacity to truly enjoy the moment.

Come feel what it’s like to be more rooted and connected to yourself. Experientially receive the gift of these tools so that you can deepen into a new level of feeling grounded and being present. I’m so excited to share this time with you!

This interactive Zoom 2-hour workshop gives you the guidance and tools to move stagnant energy in your body and decreases pain, stress and overwhelm. A replay will be available for those who can’t join live or who want to have a refresher!

Walk away feeling more present, calm, peaceful, and empowered to use these tools again and again to recreate better balance, decrease fatigue and pain. Experience a grounded calm in your nervous system.

Get strategies to refresh an overstimulated or fatigued brain. We will be deliberately moving, breathing, visualizing and doing specific techniques on different nerves in the body to create this calming effect.

Pricing Details:

My dream has been to help more people, create community, and charge less.

That is why I am excited to be able to offer the Level 1: Foundations at only $697.

My individual rate is $225/hr. That in comparison would be $225 x 8 weeks x 1.5hrs = $2,700.

For this program $697 / 8 weeks / 1.5 hrs = $58 / hr.

You get to keep the recordings and the Slack Q&A is complimentary.

If spreading the cost out is helpful, you can set up 4 bi-weekly payments at $190.

Your Cost Today:

$697 - One time

$190 (4 payments - $760 total)

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